That One Time I Joined A Bodybuilding Competition

Monday, November 27, 2017

This year has been crazy, to say the least. At the beginning of 2017, I posted about devoting more to yourself - about chasing whatever it is that excites you & scares you at the same time. Well, mine was setting a goal to get as fit as I can post-baby, get on stage and compete. And I did.

This has been the main reason why I've been practically MIA from mom-blogging - I've been consumed with the balancing act of usual mom & wife duties with the addition of focusing on a strict diet & training regimen. As I write this, I realize it may sound silly to need some degree of "concentration" on dieting - but to be get on a competitive level, discipline & will power for keeping on track with food is a WHOLE. DIFFERENT. BALL GAME. (which I actually failed at 20% of the time - hence, failing to come in with the best conditioning)

So this is also my semi-apology for being AWOL in the recent months (I promise to get back to your post comments super soon) & now that my competition season is over, I can hopefully better manage my time. Training has resumed and now just slowly letting my metabolism recover from months & months of rigorous dieting. 

In any case, the main objective I had going into this first show was to learn which dieting methods work/don't work for me, in conjunction with training protocols best suited for my goals, and to finally get a feel of the stage - which I surprisingly enjoyed a lot! So while we may not have gone home with any awards, I definitely achieved all my goals!

Now some of you will be excited by different goals, especially in the coming new year. Whatever it is, may it be starting a new business venture, learning a new hobby, travelling to new places - go ahead and set that priority! Even if it scares you, if you can't stop thinking about it and it thrills your soul (naaaks), DO IT FOR YOURSELF. 

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