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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

If you think you have a picky eater, you haven't met my kid. My eldest literally eats only 5 kinds of food - and mealtimes are ALWAYS a struggle. And I don't mean using sneaky tactics & all - we're waaaay past that. I mean thrashing-around-wailing-like-a-maniac-level of a struggle. His developmental pedia suspects it's a sensory issue, so he has an aversion to certain textures in his mouth. So much fun, right? For the past year or so, his regular pedia's concern was to keep him at a healthy weight, so she suggested letting him "graze" on his preferred foods instead as getting calories was a top priority then.

A few weeks ago, he started in a new preschool where parents are encouraged to have their kids bring meals that they aren't necessarily fond of from time to time. That's a pretty long list for our Don Joaquin. I liked the idea, but was anxious about how he would take to his new required mealtimes. As expected, recess has been challenging for him and his teachers. It has gotten better over the past couple of days, there's still crying involved but he's more compliant in getting food into his mouth now, regardless of his baon.

One of Don Joaquin's baon w/ serving sizes that are just enough for him - mini sandwiches w/ hershey's choco syrup, chicken nuggets, grapes, yogurt drink & gummy treats

An idea was to try doing bento-ish meals - a feat, considering I barely have time in my day for additional work, but of course we're always willing to do whatever it takes for our kids, yes? I discovered though, after having unpacked his lunchbox coming home from school after classes were cancelled, that although his Lock & Lock had compartments inside, they all ended up getting mixed up which was absolutely unsightly. It's not a big deal for us adults, but I didn't want to give my kid further reason to dislike new food. I mean, let's admit - we're also not that willing to try dishes that look suspiciously gross to us.

partition sizes are very well suited for pre-schoolers, but are also big enough for grown ups! Don Lorenzo also got his own lunch treats - Yakisoba, mini-sandwiches, mini Oreos, and grapes

So I was stoked to come across the Yumbox from - finding them seemed so timely! I got them over the weekend and I was happy that Don Joaquin was actually excited to use it. I love that the food inside actually stay in their compartments no matter the rough tumble Don J's lunchbag takes. It's so tightly sealed, I have no issues with leaks even if there are dips or anything liquid inside. The size of the compartments are also perfect for the food ratio appropriate for a pre-schooler - so I'm thankful I bagged another one for my youngest, too who takes his lunch out as well while we travel to pick up Kuya. Honestly, it's pretty pricey but really worth the investment. Now I'm soooo happy to have gotten feedback from his teachers that he's eating without any drama! (I swear, that's such a big milestone for us)

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