Baby Bottle Teeth

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Last December, Enzo had his first ever visit to the dentist because I noticed some staining on his 2 upper front teeth. The bad news was, apparently it was already eroding. Why? Because of falling asleep with a bottle of milk or juice at night - a surprisingly common condition dubbed as "Baby Bottle Teeth".

Our pediatric dentist recommended immediate restoration to prevent any further damage. Enzo had to be put under sedation so they could work on his lower front teeth as well, which had also begun eroding.

The procedure itself took about an hour, and if anything the only difficulty they had was getting an IV line in for the anesthesia, since his tiny veins wouldn't cooperate. Afterwards though, he was just groggy for the next 2 hours.

upper teeth extracted
lower teeth now with crowns

The verdict: they had to extract his upper 2 front teeth since it was too late for any restoration effort. So yep. He will be singing "All I want For Christmas" for the next 5 years or so. His lower teeth received stainless steel crowns on the other hand, to keep it from getting any more impaired. Those will come off when the milk teeth fall out on their own.

Sigh. I know. Another parenting fail for me. *bow*

We were told he might have some difficulties using the bottle as getting used to gap will take some time - which didn't happen. Also, we were warned that it might take about a week or so for him to eat without pain, which was bad news then since Christmas was less than a week after the procedure. Also didn't happen - thankfully - he was back to eating THAT SAME DAY (soft food only, of course).

In any case, the guilt will haunt me on this since I should've known better. While he did brush his teeth prior to this, water at night would've made some difference too. Now sharing this in the hopes that it can help spread information, and serve as a reminder on the importance of oral hygiene even for very, very young kids. 

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