Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A lot of things have happened in the past 5 months that I've been AWOL from blogging - more details in the coming posts :)

More than anything, I've been busy maneuvering around schedules with my eldest's school, the boys' appointments (pedia, etc) and daily hustle and bustle of a nanny-less SAHM life. One good thing is that I have stuck to my resolution to prioritize my health and make time for myself, in the form of - DUN DUN DUN - weight lifting. Yep, I have fallen in love with the gym life. As I've recently mentioned to friends and family, it's the one thing that I do for myself, by myself - my daily "me-time" if you will.

It's apt that I'm resurfacing on Valentine's Day - a day to celebrate love. So how about love for yourself? We've been told that to be better parents, we have to take care of ourselves and I can finally attest to this. So, for this year's first learning: if it excites you, makes you happy, reinvigorates you, don't let anything get in your way. Whether that's working out, dancing, doing arts and crafts, reading books - find a way to indulge. Maybe it will be difficult to do every day, so start by doing it weekly. Or once a month. Start making time for yourself, no matter how brief - just START.

Your family will thank you for it.

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