Don Joaquin's Pre-school Celebration

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Yet another reminder of how time flies with kids - our first baby boy is now 4 years old! This year, we decided to let him experience celebrating with his pre-school class, which turned out pretty fun!

Don Joaquin's face when we surprised him in class
Wax had no idea we were going to come over to have a mini-party with his Nursery class, so it was so cute how he was kind of in shock when his dad, me, and his baby brother showed up at their classroom door with cake and food for everyone.

Birthday boy getting his birthday sash on :D
the class prepping to dance a bit!
Instead of the usual fast food snacks which is also always a hit with the kids, we decided to go for bento meals to have them munch on a different and healthier alternative. These super kaduper adorable bento boxes are from BentoMommas and cost only P180 each! It comes with a JIF hazlenut sandwich, chicken crispers, and a small sweet treat. You can check out their FB page for more meal package options and see samples of their other creations.

Wax is obsessed with anything that has to do with vehicles - cars, trucks, trains, bulldozers - any sort of heavy equipment - and anything that comes with wheels! So it was no surprise he literally stared at his food - so much so that he didn't touch it and his brother ended up finishing it hahaha! Everyone else in class enjoyed the food though, and the bonus is they get to take home the container and re-use it for future baon. I also liked that this was the kind of meal that pre-schoolers would find easy to eat by themselves - as the school stresses independence with simple tasks like eating; and that it had proper serving portions that they could manage to finish within recess.

As an added surprise, we gave away these adorable red velvet lolli-cars from our party favorite The Lollicake Factory.

(it's sweaty here 'cause it came from the fridge)
Now that Wax appreciates birthday celebrations more and understands how the day is about him, it brings us joy to see him enjoy his moment :)

4th at CCDLC from Michelle Villaluz on Vimeo.

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