Our First Kidzoona Fun!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Don Joaquin has had all this pent up energy the last few weeks with him being home for the most part since summer vacation started. Admittedly, I haven't been as creative as I was with indoor activities to keep him busy since I'm juggling this 3-year old and his now 7-month old brother who has also begun to demand more attention for playtime. Apart from the occasional swimming in the inflatable pool, we only take the kids out on some weekends or have Lola come over for a change in company.

Fireman Wax!
Since we enrolled J to a 2-hour summer class which starts in a few days, and it's sadly too unbearably hot to play outdoors for long periods of time, we took the opportunity to have him try a new indoor play area a few days ago. Kidzoona in Robinson's Galleria opened a few years back so it technically isn't new, but J was too young then so we never got around to checking it out. As it turns out, we enjoyed this more than our usual indoor play place!

I thought this had more bang for our bucks because:

1) The hourly rate of P200 is cheaper than another well known play space
2) Considering #1, there's way more variety of activities that kids can enjoy - yes there's jumping, sliding, and running around, but there's also role-playing activities that can enhance kids' imagination, as well as puzzles and smaller activities that can develop fine motor skills - not to mention, taking turns and sharing, too!
3) There's a bigger range for the age of kids who can enter and have a good time here -I'd say 3-13 year olds might probably have the most fun

Here's to give an idea of how spacious the place is and how it's laid out:

I've been told there's another branch in Ayala Fairview Terraces that opened more recently, but we have yet to visit for ourselves to see how it compares.

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