Enzo's 6th Monthly Milestone: Starting Solids

Thursday, April 07, 2016

For some reason, we've all been excited to introduce Enzo to solid foods, partly because he has shown so much curiosity and interest in the food we eat. Happy to share that so far, he's been very receptive with almost everything we've given him. :) Check out the clip below with our muncher!


It hasn't all been just success though, as he's shown some allergies to certain foods like chocolate (from wafers) and broccoli (makes him super gassy), as well as displayed some dislikes such as with fish (which he still finished anyway...LOL). We still follow the general rule of thumb in introducing anything new, which is to wait 3-5 days to give any possible allergic reactions time to manifest if they will. This way, it will be easier to identify what caused the symptoms as opposed to giving him a lot of new food all at the same time.

Side story: I made a huge mistake with Wax when we welcomed solid food during his time. Wax's first teeth didn't come until around his 11th month, and so because I was both inexperienced and misinformed at then, I stuck to pureed food because I didn't figure out they could gum their way through actual solids. He would eat any dish we'd give him - spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cheese, chicken ala king and so much more - as long as it was pureed. Fast forward 3 years later, and he has a problem eating textures he isn't familiar with. The weird thing is, now he won't touch anything mushy or soupy, and will only go for very few crispy, fried food, in addition to fruits, pastries, yogurt and chocolate milk. So I created a picky eater. Like they say, the first born is usually the accidental guinea pig :( We're still constantly trying to get him to eat a variety of table food, and it's still a (very difficult) work in progress.

Back to Enzo, while we still blend veggies we think need teeth to consume (and he still doesn't have any too), we've been more lax in letting him try "real people food" (hahaha) so he gets used to eating what we normally have on the table. Needless to say, his main nutrition still comes from mommy's milk so "yay!" to 8 months of breastfeeding!

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