5th Monthly Milestones: Enzo Edition

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not able to marvel at every waking moment with Don Lorenzo because my attention is also partly with Don Joaquin and trying not to let him get into trouble. It's like one minute, I can safely leave Enzo for a bit since he sleeps a lot for long period of time, and the next I can't take my eyes off him because he's already rolling on his belly!

I was hoping he would already finally start sleeping through the night by this month, but so far he still wakes up twice to feed, and takes quite some time fussing back to sleep. Naptimes are on a pretty regular schedule though, so it's easier to work on other to-do's during daytime.

In other news, he's mastered grabbing and has more control of his hands now, strongly grasping different items offered - which go straight to his mouth - but it's a perfect time to start introducing textures to encourage new sensorial discoveries. Naturally, I'm very cautious about supervising Don Joaquin's play attempts so he's reminded that at this point, he still has to be a bit gentle and avoid handing small things to his baby brother. Otherwise, the big bro still remains very affectionate :)

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