4th Monthly Milestones: Enzo Edition

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I started this blog with religious posts to my then 3-month old Joaquin, chronicling his development on a monthly basis during his 1st year. It's been a struggle to find time to write, but in keeping with that tradition, I'm starting the same series of posts for our Lorenzo.

At 4 months, this bugoy has started to turn on his side and ends up on his stomach from time to time, albeit stuck, but it's a great start :) He's very talkative - babbling, cooing & gurgling sounds during his waking hours - see the clip above! It's very easy to start a conversation with him, too, because he's very generous in responding with smiles.

Towards the end of December he'd gone back to waking up every 2 hours at night, which doesn't necessarily mean he's hungry - probably just the normal sleep regression babies his age go through, but I do hope it settles soon because I am one tired momma every morning!

Kuya has never faltered in his affection towards Enzo, still showering him with hugs, kisses, and "I love you's". With all these changes happening so fast, we're all the more very excited for the coming months!

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