Recent Best Bud: Spectra 9+

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I have been a cow these past weeks. Yep, a milk factory hooked up to my pump day in and day out to meet the increasing appetite of my 1-month old boy. He has learned to latch onto me perfectly, but I learned that he dislikes having to wait for a let down even though it happens fairly quickly for me (ave 35-45 secs). He will nurse for comfort sometimes, but if he means to satisfy the faintest hunger, he simply won't put up with mindless suckling. So my best bud & constant companion has been my Spectra 9+.

Even early on into my pregnancy I knew my 2nd baby would have to eventually take the bottle with my breast milk. With my first born, I had no issues when he refused it at 2 months, simply because I was home all day and had the luxury to ditch everything else to sit or lie down and unli-nurse. With baby #2 though, I have a demanding toddler to look after + daily chores. I had saved up and was eyeing a popular brand of breast pump, which not only was well-known internationally with good reviews, but had a local service center to boot. After further research & canvassing though, I found the Spectra 9+ from, a less expensive alternative that also had tons of positive feedback both internationally & locally.

I ultimately purchased this brand for 3 main considerations:

1) warranty and spare parts are available & easily purchased locally
2) consistent claims on the same pumping output as the higher end brands, at a cheaper price
3) closed system ensures that no milk or moisture ever gets into the pressure tubing or the unit itself

One of my disappointments after undergoing c-section was that there was no colostrum or milk coming out within 48 hours. I was so worried that my supply wouldn't be the same as with my 1st child, which was frustrating because I was able to nurse for 28 months. Apparently, it's quite normal for milk to come in later with cesarean deliveries. In any case, I was still determined to breastfeed that simultaneous to my visits to the NICU for Enzo's scheduled feeding so he could latch directly, I started pumping early as well. Lo & behold, just a week after giving birth and I already had a small freezer stash; 1 month into pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock and half our freezer has been filled. At the rate that my milk is (still) increasing, we'd lose all our freezer space by the end of another month. It's quite true that a powerful - not necessarily pricey - breast pump contributes to establishing a good milk supply.

Freezer stash easily building up as soon as 1 1/2 weeks after giving birth
Even though I feel chained to my Spectra 9 24/7, I understand how critical it is in keeping up my supply until it's established to make sure Enzo also gets the same health benefits as his brother did even if he doesn't latch as much. I like that it's quite small so that it's very easy to pack and carry with me when I have to go out, and that the sound it makes is relatively quiet - I can pump right beside my sleeping toddler without waking him (although he sees me with it so often he's learned to mimic the soft vibrating sounds it makes. Haha!)

The flange from Spectra with a wide neck-to-narrow neck converter +
the Ameda adapters to easily attach storage bags directly
I simply attach the bottles that came with it or pump directly into my Avent bottles which Enzo uses more. If we're on the go, I can also just use the Ameda adapters where I can hook either Ameda or Honeysuckle bags to and not have to worry about bringing more bottles (we use the Playtex drop ins & extra sterilized teats when out and about) so we don't need to fuss about cleaning.

how the Ameda storage bag looks like attached
directly to the pump (above) and the Honeysuckle
4oz bag (below)
If you're looking for quality breast pump, check out for the Spectra 9 and other models with similar price range. 

*Please note that this is not a paid ad. While I firmly believe that this double electric pump efficiently helped in establishing my milk supply, there are other factors to consider as well such as diet & supplements among others. It is also generally NOT recommended to pump earlier than 6 weeks after giving birth, but in my case I was asked to by the hospital staff so they could cup-feed it to my baby in the NICU when I wasn't allowed to walk yet.

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  1. Hi, Mickey! This post is very timely and swak na swak for me 😄 I enjoyed reading this and I think this helped me decide what breastpump to buy. I wasn't able to breastfeed with my firstborn and this time I'm really praying that I can. Natatakot lang ako to invest tapos magagaya sa last time (shooo negative thoughts!) Haha 😁 I was thinking of just using the manual breastpump i had before pero gusto ko nang i-claim na magtatagumpay ako this time kaya jinujustify ko sa sarili ko kung bakit ako bibili ng spectra 9+ 😉

    1. Halu! Super glad to help - I really think this pump was instrumental in boosting my supply early on, so super worth it sya considering how much cheaper it is. My baby is only turning 2 months, but already we had to buy a separate chest freezer for all the extra milk I'm producing, and even that's quickly running out of space! Positive thinking talaga, it'll take a lot of dedication (and time) to keep on breastfeeding, but it's so worth it so gorabelles at buy na! Hehe! If you have challenges early on, there are a lot of tips and tricks to try naman - you can even shoot me a PM and I'll be glad to share the stuff I've tried. Thanks for reading!



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