My Top 5 Quick & Healthy Preggy Power Breakfasts

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

You've all heard it - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially when you're pregnant, you need all the nutrition to support the needs of your growing bundle of joy, plus all the energy you can get to power you through the day. Because I'm yaya-less with tons of chores to do like every other SAHM, plus a toddler to boot, I love not having to spend too much time prepping my meals. So, I've taken to liking easy-to-prepare but filling breakfast that you might want to try out.

1) Bagels

with cream cheese & blueberry preserves...
...or topped with Nutella & bananas!
There's a reason why this is a hit with fast-paced New York! You can match them with almost anything, they fill you up nicely AND you can prepare them in a jiffy. I like using whole wheat bagels for the extra boost in fiber.

2) Oatmeal

just your classic oatmeal with slices of ripe mango

Oats are packed with fiber, B vitamins and iron - minerals that are essential for a healthy pregnancy. A bowl can be eaten in a variety of ways, too - add fruits, chia seeds, sugar or salt. My husband likes to have it savory ala aroz caldo, with a slice or two of hard boiled egg.

3) Granola

dark chocolate granola with sea salt (from Motherbee Granola) + banana slices

Granola is a perfect source of healthy calories - which you definitely need to fuel your body which is working double hard to sustain your baby's development. In 100g of granola, you get more than triple the carbs, and more than triple the protein content if you consume the same amount of oats. Perfect for days that are busier than usual.

4) Eggs

omelette with baby spinach (photo NOT mine)

Hard or soft boiled, scrambled or sunny side up, eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats, whether you're preggy or not. I like to have mine mixed with left over spinach for that extra boost in protein. If you're watching your fat intake, you can simply use the egg whites and it'll be just as good. Try it with mushrooms, cheese or mix in some milk before cooking for extra creaminess.

5) Cereal

whole wheat cereal with fresh ripe mangoes, nuts & cottage cheese

Cereal is another easy-peasy breakfast go-to, especially on days when I wake up a tad bit late and have to rush out the door to take my toddler to school or run errands. Go for whole grains as well, since they help out with digestion - a notorious challenge during pregnancy - and also help in lowering cholesterol like oatmeal does. Watch out for the sugar content though, some cereal brands that claim to manage weight better have hidden calories that you might find unnecessary. Mix in some fruits for variation and low or non-fat milk and you're good to go!


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