Tips to Dress that Bump - Part 3

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Make use of what you already have. I'm all for shopping every chance you get, but pregnancy in my opinion is fleeting and you're only huge enough to need a change in clothing size for a few months. So unless you're planning to be pregnant a couple of times more, I wouldn't suggest investing in a huge set of wardrobe just for your baby bump. Frankly, I would rather divert all that money for baby shopping - much more fun! :)

this used to be a sexy-ish evening fitted dress, but won't cover
my bum now. LOL
A little creativity and imagination can go a long way - for instance, those stretchable mini-dresses may look and feel a bit awkward with your increase in size, but you can use them for tops and pair them with leggings.

summer mini-dress turned top!

Your clothes with loose, light, cascading fabric will also be great since they're not body-hugging so you can wear them as you grow. If you don't have any and you opt to purchase new ones, choose flattering prints or colors. Again, they will still come in handy post-pregnancy.

Some additional tips:

* In Manila, it's mostly humid & warm even during the rainy season, so don't invest too much in jackets or heavy blazers - yes they looked cute on Miranda Kerr when she was preggo, but unless you're in air conditioned spaces majority of your time, don't make it harder on yourself than it already tends to be.

* Hold off buying expensive shoes - your ligaments are softer during pregnancy due to a hormone called relaxin, which helps your pelvic bones adjust to accommodate your growing baby. This also tends to increase the size of your feet as they "spread" apart especially when you're mostly standing or walking during the day. Women typically gain a shoe size up during pregnancy, and most will stay that way permanently.

 So see, there's absolutely no need to stay in lousy baggy shirts and leggings & you can make pregnancy just a little more enjoyable!

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