Tips to Dress that Bump - Part 2

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Comfort is (one of the) key(s). It is still a top priority in my opinion, given all the physical discomforts you can experience during pregnancy, not to compromise this just for the sake of being in. Note that we all have different views of what is comfortable, too. You may want to pick up an outfit from a preggo Hollywood actress you saw in sexy wedges, but be unable to walk 3 steps without the balls of your feet giving in. Also, try to foresee if you'll be able to move with ease in pieces that may plunge or hike up the wrong areas of your body - you don't have want to be spending your time pulling or tugging and being more self-conscious than you already are. Boyfriend tees for instance, are such an easy pick, all you need are the right accessories to dress them up.

preggy distressed jeans and tee

Aldo leather bag in camel

Mix and match plain tops with accessories like bold necklaces & bangles, that way you can still skip the plain jane look while staying comfortable enough to move.

To be continued...

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