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Monday, June 22, 2015

While I've accepted that my house won't be picture-perfect for a couple more years and will probably look like a toy store threw up on it, I still strive to make it feel like a home - a place we'd want to spend time in and come home to at the end of the day.

One of the things I'm particular about aside from keeping our space sanitary and clean at the least, is making sure it smells nice enough. I have this thing about associating certain smells with certain memories, and I'm hoping my kids will always connect pleasant, fresh scents to the idea of home. So I'm psyched to learn about Smell Chic Room/Linen Sprays and immediately started using these the soonest I received my order.

Tried out 2 fragrances first and loooooove, love, loving them so far. Green Tea has that scent of freshly laundered linen that just screams clean, and Fresh Bamboo has a crisp smell to it that gets better and better the longer it hangs in the air. If anything, I wish these had more staying power - I re-spritz them every other morning on bedroom curtains, bed sheets & carpets.

There are 2 more fragrances available aside from these, Lavender & Olive, which I have yet to sample when I use up my current stock. Smell Chic also has a line of hand sanitizers & body wash AND they accept customizations for giveaways, too! I got my each of my 500ml bottles for P479.00.

photo from Smell Chic's FB page - credit NOT mine
You can see a list of their complete range of products, contact information and order details here.

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