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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

After 10,000 years, hubby and I were finally able to sneak in a quick Saturdate - really, by ambushing Lola to babysit. *insert evil laugh* I suggested that we take the chance to enjoy dinner where we wouldn't typically take Don Joaquin to. One of the restaurants I've seen constant reviews lately was Paprika PH at The Fort. 
The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of RCBC Corporate Tower (right across Draft, Katsu, etc.) and is quite a quaint, hidden gem - perfect if you want to steer clear of huge weekend crowds. We got there around 9pm and I was worried for a split second that they were already closed because there were zero customers - kind of odd for a pay day weekend - but maybe the stars were just aligned for us that evening? You get a date vibe immediately as you enter, an atmosphere that is also apt for quiet dinner & drinks with friends. In any case, we jumped right to placing our orders for fooooooood!

First up, Bagoong Pasta. Although I enjoy bagoong (shrimp paste) in various dishes, I was a tiny bit skeptical about this because I wasn't sure how they were going to incorporate it with spaghetti noodles without the texture being weird. But lo and behold! It was really good and uniquely enjoyable. The sauce was carbonara-ish, with just the right hint of bagoong.

The other dish we shared was Adobo Overload - one of their bestsellers. Adobo rice. Huge chunk of pork adobo meat. Drizzle of adobo mayo. Uh-ma-zing. This was seriously worth the acid reflux later that night.

Other intriguing dishes that are lined up for our next visit would probably include Aligue (crab fat) pasta with deep fried shrimp, adobo fries, and salmon & dill risotto. They also have the classics if you're not too adventurous - mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken and waffles & beef salpicao, among others. Prices range from P150.00 to P475.00, which we considered fairly reasonable (that P400+ dish is the salmon, btw) for the serving size of the dishes. Also check out their happy hour as their cocktails are also said to be a hit - coming back for those in around 4 months, after baby #2 has been delivered. :)

You can follow Paprika on IG (@paprikaph) for updates on their promos, or visit their FB page for more details (store hours, reservation inquiries, etc.)

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