Hidden Homemakers' Haven: Dapitan

Friday, June 05, 2015

We've been going to Dapitan Arcade for about 2 years now particularly because it's known for great deals for Christmas decors. A myriad of Christmas lights, statues and ornaments fill the hallways of this tinier version of Greenhills tiangge (Manila's version of a flea market or bazaar) and tons of people flock to this area during the holidays. However, during the off-season, many may not know that this street-corner establishment also houses some of the best bargains that are perfect for homemakers looking to add finishing touches to their decorating.

this stall sells an assortment of party decors like wooden letter blocks, buntings, and craft supplies (i.e. washi tapes)
O 'di ba, "No place like HOUSE" daw! Haha!

Given of course, it isn't Crate & Barrel or H&M Home level, there are lots of vintage finds you may stumble upon when you're trying to find trinkets for your home, including organizers, photo frames and all shapes and sizes of vases & indoor plants.

trays perfect for vignettes or as catchalls
a fraction of the indoor greenery sold in one of the stalls

One of the best bargains I found here though, is dining ware. You can buy good quality plates, bowls, cups, ramekins & saucers at prices as low as P50.00! Again, keep in mind that these aren't high-class ceramics, but they'd serve really well for everyday use. Like my husband mentioned, we imagine some of the upscale restaurants may even be getting theirs from this place especially if they order in bulk.

plates inside stalls and along the hallway too!
In addition to these, you can also find creative but very inexpensive lighting fixtures here - from candle holders, to table and floor lamps. Personal mental note: come back to hunt for unique lighting when we have our own house!

I bought this cute candle-holder for our living room side table at only P200. Guess how much you can buy it for in malls? :)
these plus rows and shelves of jar candle holders. would be cute for outdoor spaces, too

I'd suggest you go there early in the morning - we went at 9:30am on a weekend (and a Saturday pay day, too) but the place had the least people I'd seen this area with. Not only would it be more convenient to stroll along the halls and take your time to scour, but it'll also be easier to haggle since the vendors are keen on buena mano - the local belief that the first deal or customer of the day will bring them good luck - so they usually give in if you bargain for lower prices. 

To get to Dapitan Arcarde, check out the map below. Happy hunting!

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  1. Looks interesting! I might just let my husband drive me all the way there. What is the price range, Mommy?(:

    1. It depends on what you're interested to get - the smaller items like frames, figurines or plates are available for less than P300. I got clear dessert bowls at 3 for P100 lang! some of the bigger stuff they sell like floor lamps or Buddha statues can go up to P2000 I think, although these are the kinds that are available at the mall for double that price. Exercise your haggling skills so you can make the most out of your money, hehe! I'd say you can bring a lot home na at P500-1k. :) By the way, they have a very small designated parking area ha, most just park at the side of the nearby streets so don't leave valuables in your car. Happy shopping!

  2. Good afternoon MomScapades.Just wanna ask what aisle or stall the following are located: decorative trays, white frames, faux greenery and the candle holder?Thank you very much.

    1. Hi! The place is really small, with only 3 aisles including the outer one in front of the arcade, if I remember correctly. Candle holders can be found in various stalls inside the arcade (separate aisles) while the indoor greens and vases are grouped towards the side exit. Decorative trays are everywhere, too - check the cute ones in the first aisle in front where you can find different white frames as well. Sorry I couldn't remember specific stalls anymore, but I do hope this helps. :)

  3. Hi!do you know the price of the bird cage among the colored bottles?is it an actual bird cage or just a decorative piece?thanks

    1. Hi! I think these are mainly for decorative purposes only

  4. Naku thank u much sobra napakatagal ko na gusto pumunta dito sa dapitan arcade.it helps me a lot and give me more ideas..sobra like ko yun candle holders and white trays..nxtwk pupunta ako wd my friend



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