Declutter & Clean Up Challenge: Bathroom

Monday, June 08, 2015

The first 3 days of my declutter & clean up challenge went by fairly easy, starting with our toilet & bathrooms. My strategy with this was to dedicate about an hour to 1.5 hours per day for each bathroom, with the following tasks:

Surface Cleaning

splatters and stains
We have 3 bathrooms in the house so it's kind of taxing to have to clean all of them on a frequent & regular basis, especially since it's the hubby who does the heavy work & he only has enough time on weekends. With this, soap/shampoo residue can accumulate on the floor tiles, as well as tiny splatters from brushing teeth & stubbles of hair from facial shaving. Cleaning these only involved soap and water, so it was relatively easy breezy albeit time-consuming.


The slight problem I had was 1) we had minimal surface area for storage as we had small countertops & limited floor space to add storage for toiletries & other daily necessities, and 2) we're not allowed to drill on walls to add shelves/cabinets as part of the conditions for renting the apartment. So, my solution was to make use of the available wall space for hanging baskets on rods that can be attached using strong adhesives. There's also a pricier brand of stainless steel rods that already come with strong adhesives (3M - P750 to P800) if you opt not to drill through your tiles, too, for a more polished looked.

The plastic towel rods are available from the hardware section, and are the cheapest I could find since I only needed something to hang the baskets from. What we didn't skimp on was the adhesive used to attach it to the wall so I'd be sure it held up nicely with the weight of stuff it will be supporting. The plastic baskets are available from Landmark, at P80+ each.

These ideas from Pinterest are also pretty neat - but not the most suitable in my case because of the slight challenges I mentioned earlier. These hacks may be of help if you want to try them though :) (Note: all photo credits to the blog owners, click on the picture to go to their blog)

from Buzzfeed
hair tools in check!
spice rack for to keep the "girly stuff"
off the counters -

Not Pinterest-worthy, but clean & clear counter tops with everything we need, still within easy reach.

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