A Weekend in Zambales

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We were invited to tag along with some of DH's officemates for a Sat-Sun trip to Zambales last week. Checked in at the Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, our Don Joaquin had another opportunity to get all sun-kissed and enjoy the sea and sand.

The room that was picked for us had the very basic of the most basic necessities you'd find in lodging - bed and en suite toilet and bath. If you're looking to spend some downtime indoors, then keep in mind that this isn't going to be close to luxurious R&R. In the same manner that if you're quite tall and big, the room also won't work for you so you might want to check with the reception for better options.

room for the night - Malachi
If you're looking for wondrous beach sceneries, perfect powdery sand and crystal waters, then this is also NOT the place for you. The resort is perfect however, for big families or barkadas who are into cook outs and campfires, as well as big team building events. The grounds provide an extensive array of outdoor summer sports aside from surfing, such as beach volleyball and frisbee.

You can bring your own tent and set it up on their camping grounds or rent. cottages and sheds are also for rent
his first time on a make-shift swing

first time to see an old school poso, too!
table tennis outdoors, anyone?
the sport of the weekend - ultimate frisbee!
beachfront bar - not quite sure if this was permanent or just set up for the sports event being held that day

What we liked:
- the place is affordable so it's perfect for people who are into spontaneous cheap thrills
- the staff, from the receptionists to the maintenance personnel, were all very prompt & consistently courteous
- the air conditioning of our room was superb!

What could've been better:
- the room could've been better kept, there were mosquitoes, ants & some roaches
- a bit more space in the t&b would've been nice (you could literally take shower while taking a dump, that's how tiny it was. LOL) Note though that this is coming from a 7-month bulky pregnant woman who had quite a struggle bathing a 2-year old - size is subjective

Happy that this li'l dude got another opportunity for some salty fun though :)
Like hubby and I were discussing, this would be a more enjoyable place if you had older kids. Infants and toddlers might be a little tricky to bring because the accommodations aren't best suited for them (i.e. there are no cribs you could borrow, or wading pools for the really young ones) - we didn't see any kids Joaquin's age, and the place was packed with guests. Go here for a day of chatter, barbecue and activities under the sun, or a night of campfire singing, booze, and laughter.

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