15-Day Declutter & Clean Up Challenge

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

When we moved into our current place around 2 years ago, we took the opportunity to get rid of trash and clutter that we've amassed over a period of time during our stay in our old apartment. Naturally though, because I admittedly have hoarding tendencies coupled with bouts of procrastination, a whole lot of new clutter has piled up. Clothes I looked ok in once and then looked like a sea cow the next time (for that reason I never got to wear them) but can't part with because they're basically new or dear to me; books from my college days nearly a decade ago; paperwork, bills and documents from I-don't-know-where-anymore; and let's not forget - toys, toys, toys!

the horror that is our closets

The thing is, a lot of these aren't actually trash and therefore don't go straight to dumping. That's what actually makes it a lot work to deal with - there's a lot of sorting out (and deliberation) involved which personally makes it daunting to face. But with 3 months left before another member of the family arrives, the fact is, I HAVE TO GET IT OVER WITH.

disorganized bathrooms
Coincidentally, as I was browsing Pinterest for new toddler activities, and instead I came across several "get organized" or spring cleaning challenges. Most were very specific - with actual tasks listed to tick off within deadlines ranging from 21 days to 52 weeks - like clean out the cupboard, organize medicine cabinet, clean out interior windows. Perfect!!!

clutter pockets
So here goes my 1st entry in a series of posts for my personalized Declutter & Clean Up Challenge - I'm publishing it to solidify the commitment so I won't chicken out, teehee. As the photos show, this is the unadulterated version of our house at present. I've accepted that my home will not be Pinterest-worthy at least until my kids are well into their elementary years, but it would be good eliminate all of that unnecessary mess.

I've identified the key areas of the house that need attention, and I'm doing the challenge in a span of 15 days, focusing on tasks that I can deal with in an hour at the most because a) that's the longest period I can get my toddler busy with other things; b) the house isn't generally a huge mess that I'd need more time, there are mostly small but plenty of pockets of clutter, and c) this way, it doesn't get too overwhelming as well since my preggy hormones leave me short of breath easily, too.

Interested in decluttering your homes? Start by listing the general areas that need extra TLC & prioritize what needs to be done for each part of the house so you can schedule them accordingly and list anything you'd need to purchase (trash bags, plastic containers, crates, etc) so we can all GO. GET. ORGANIZED.

Keeping you updated, too via IG on the progress (partly to also motivate myself *wink*) over the following weeks. Day 1 starts tomorrow - good luck to me!

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