Tips to Dress That Bump!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

pregnant wardrobe tips

As I write this, I'm on my 23rd week and I feel like a whale most days. I'm pretty sure a lot of pregnant moms have moments when they normally feel like they look crappy, even after the perpetual nausea of the 1st trimester has come and gone. You soon graduate to joint pains, back aches, sore breasts and even acid reflux for some. Oh I feel you, alright! The huge BUT though is, you don't have to resign to looking as bad as you feel. AND, it can really be as simple as 1,2,3!

I like getting dressed, but I'm NOT a fashionista by any definition, and I have no idea how my personal style stacks up to the fashionistas out there. However, I really believe that the way you dress can make you feel better by looking good, and then vice versa. It isn't everything, because you also have to have the right attitude to match the clothes, but you're halfway there by dressing well. When you're pregnant, it can be trickier, but I hope some of the personal tips that's getting me through 2 pregnancies will help. Here goes part 1 of a mini-series of entries :)

Invest in pieces that you can use even when you're no longer pregnant. This is not only functional, but practical. You don't have to necessarily confine yourself to the maternity section, even if you're on the plus size. I actually just bought once from a maternity store during my 1st pregnancy, and only because I needed decent slacks since I was still working in an office then. Pieces that can still come in handy after you give birth include sheer/light cover ups like kimono jackets, which you can mix and match with other tops and bottoms. These are also perfect for our ever-humid weather. 

kimono jacket for pregnant women
sheer floral kimono top c/o Greenhills tiangge at P250.00

blue maxi kimono topper from Mango
Another go-to? Maxi dresses! I can bet you would still rock them by the time your baby bump has gone.

floral maxi dress for baby bump

striped and floral maxi dresses from Eastwood tiangge, both
below P500

Part 2 up soon!

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