Bohol Escapade

Friday, May 15, 2015

My mom has never travelled by plane in her 50 something years of existence and had been mentioning how nice it would be to finally experience a trip flying out of Manila. Since we try to go out of town at least once a year anyway, this summer seemed like the perfect opportunity to fulfill my mom's dreams :) This year, we chose to visit Bohol for the first time, hearing that the beaches are also very pleasant and the waters can be as pristine as other top beaches in the country.

We booked a weekend at the Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Panglao Island. The rooms were comfortable & adequate, and the resort was perfectly situated right in front of the beach. We weren't too thrilled with the resort's restaurant as we found it quite pricey for the mediocre offerings. It's a good thing we discovered we could take a 10 minute leisurely walk along the beach and find a row of better restaurants, including those that offer to cook the fresh catch of the day, plus the famous Bohol Bee Farm.

The 4 of us - with the 5-month baby bump

no more sand queasiness

meet our mom - getting a henna tattoo :)

the men in my life

The rest of the trip was filled with sun, salt, and sand - the little boy even learned to dunk his head underwater (see the vid below)

with Lola at the beach

dinner on our last night in the island

See you again, Bohol!

Duration of stay: 3 days 2 nights
Total budget (4 adults & 1 toddler): P40,000
  • Food: approx. P5,000.00
  • Fare: approx. P20,000 roundtrip Manila-Tagbilaran via Air Asia
  • Lodging: approx. P14,000 booked via Agoda
What we enjoyed:

  • The resort had direct access to the better part of the beach (finer sand, clearer water, less people)
  • The same beach access allowed us to walk 5-10 minutes to find lots of inexpensive restaurants that served fresh, clean, and delicious food
  • The deluxe room we stayed in had basic amenities (private t&b with cold/hot shower, air conditioning, etc.) and was well-maintained
  • The swimming pool (1 large pool & 1 jacuzzi) & surrounding area was also well maintained and there was an attendant who made sure fallen leaves from the surrounding trees was constantly removed
What could've been better:
  • The response time by the staff to some requests could've been quicker (it took 15-30 minutes to request for things like towels & the katol they provided)
  • Our room was teeming with mosquitoes our first night - I suspect it's because of all the plants in the resort grounds which is okay, but maybe they could make sure the room is sprayed with Baygon or something before new guests check in?
  • The menu at the resort restaurant was quite pricey for a very limited selection of food (ex. almost P200 for continental breakfast, which included 2 slices of toast and jam)

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