The 2nd Time Around

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I have been out of commission from blogging for the past couple of weeks (or has it been months already?) with morning sickness to blame. Yes, you read it right - we are expecting baby number 2! I couldn't be more excited since I think the timing is just about right, age gap-wise with our first. I just couldn't get around to sitting in front of my laptop to write about it since the first trimester has been such a struggle.

we love you already!
I can't remember being this much exhausted when I was pregnant the first time. The entire 9 months of carrying, I actually threw up just once, and that was only just because I over-ate. This time around, aside from perpetually being sleepy & having zero energy, I also have morning sickness that lasts me almost the entire day. Plus, eating has felt like such a chore because I now dislike all the food I used to crave for, and my hyper sense of smell doesn't help either. Top that off with having to chase and clean up after a toddler, keeping the house organized and the least bit habitable, and continuing my work at home, and I'm everything but a pretty sight at the end of the day.

Quick side story: just last week I had a check up with my OB and she tried to check my baby's heartbeat via her doppler monitor, and nada. Didn't hear anything aside from my own. She told me it was quite normal since, depending on the position of the fetus, it could be difficult to pick up the heartbeat at 11 weeks since the baby's still pretty small (about the size of a lime). She ordered another ultrasound just to be sure though, and I had all sorts of paranoia running through my head with the worst case scenarios streaming through. Two agonizing hours later, it was confirmed in the sonology that everything was good and we had a healthy little blip in there. That mini-scare though, reminded me that all the discomfort is nothing but proof that we're growing a blessing in my belly. Suddenly, "thank you nausea". If any of this unglamorous sloppiness is a sign that the mini in my belly is developing healthily, then bring it on!

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