REMINDER: Thou Shall Not Judge Other Parents!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ever since we found out we're becoming parents, we've had so much advice - both solicited and unsolicited- on the "best" way to raise our kid. From mundane things like clothing, baby gear, milk, calming methods; to more controversial matters such as discipline - we've gotten all these up until now that Joaquin is past 2 years old. Some of these views would clash with our own, but we've never really strongly voiced out any objections we might've had, as we understood that all of these were dished out with well-meaning intentions.

However, if you find yourself on that other side of the fence, tempted to share your objections against co-sleeping or baby-led weaning, please try to hold it in for a bit and think: there's nothing wrong with sharing what works for you and your family, but don't throw out your judgments against parents who practice otherwise. I found a really good advertisement from Similac which pretty much takes the message home - please watch :)

So the next time you feel an utter disgust towards the mom who deliberately chose to give formula milk to her baby & have that need to confront her, or meet an instance where you just have to tell a mom that she will raise a rotten kid for having the baby so close to her all the time - THINK. While you are entitled to freedom of expression, there is also such a thing as respect. You might have no idea about the complete circumstances of that other mom or her family that led her to make the decisions she did. She is after all, raising her own and all of us instinctively want what we feel is best for our children, despite the differences we have in making that happen.

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