New Year's resolution #1: "Eat Healthier"

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

In our effort to soldier on to our commitment to (try and) stay healthy - especially after all that holiday goodness we just ingested - we've gone back to keeping a relatively junk-free menu at home. I know how challenging it can be to set your eating straight again after indulging in so much yummy food during noche buena, media noche, and all the endless family reunions & Christmas parties in between. But going on a good diet doesn't necessarily mean starving yourself or eating just leaves - it only means choosing the better kinds of food & controlling your portions.

For instance, as I may have already mentioned in passing, we have eliminated white rice as a major component in our meals since last year. There are still occasional binges admittedly, especially for ulam that's hard to eat alone or with bread, like sinigang (drool). It's been a struggle for me in the beginning, mind you, but it's pretty much worth it as I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. There are still some annoyingly stubborn pockets of fat here and there, but we're working on it! If you're planning to start eating healthier this year & wondering though what alternatives you can have for rice that doesn't equate to cardboard-tasting wheat bread or plain air, for a start, I'm sharing tonight's carb companion to homemade buffalo chicken wings which was *drum roll* ...
baked sweet potatoes! Yes, kamote. The regular orange sweet potatoes you find in your local grocery. What makes this blog-worthy was that it was surprisingly sooooo good for something so simple. Plus, it's baked so there's none of that greasy stuff you get after deep frying. The original recipe I found online actually called for potatoes, but if you haven't heard why our dear sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative, then check this:

(image NOT mine - unknown source)

That last bit of the trivia right there was kind of tricky, because the texture of sweet potatoes just isn't as pleasing as your regular ol' frenchies. However, we found that soaking it in cold or freezing water before baking does the trick! I'll have the detailed recipe of the version we do posted here soon. In the meantime, enjoy this recipe for Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries from!

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