Grab Taxi Attempt: Success!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I've been meaning to try the Grab Taxi app for a while since it's been sitting in my phone for months now, but I just never had the opportunity because dear hubby drives us everywhere anyway. Last Friday though, I was itching to get out of the house to "breathe" and get Joaquin to spend some quality time with my mom & sister. The area where our house is doesn't have any taxi bays nearby, so hailing a cab would've been necessary. However, the weather was so indecisive that I didn't want to risk getting caught by rain with a toddler in tow. So I clicked on Grab Taxi and instantly had a cab in front of our gate 6 minutes later. :)

Excuse me for being quite amused the first time around, I guess the notion that we've had some kind of advancement in terms of transportation services kind of puts me in awe haha! What I like most is how easy it is to use, all you have to do is read the simple instructions on the screen to get going.

Upon opening the app, you
are notified of the P70.00 booking
fee in addition to the metered
fare (Metro Manila)

Input your pick up point in the
FROM field & your destination
on the DROP OFF field. Click

(ex: drop off point at Trinoma)
The app will give you an estimate
of the fare amount so you can either
confirm booking or exit the app

Once you confirm, the app will
randomly assign a driver to pick you up.
You should be able to see his location
on the app's GPS tracking (real time),
an approximate of his arrival time, the cab
operator's name & the taxi's plate number.

There's an option to contact the driver assigned to you (SMS are discouraged so cab drivers won't have to text while driving), which I did around 2 minutes before his supposed arrival, to clarify the color of our gate since we're outside of the subdivision gate. When the cab arrived, I was both relieved & impressed that it didn't look like a rundown car. The driver was a polite, middle-aged man who wasn't awkward to engage in a conversation with (I'm not big on small talk with strangers). He mainly talked about the ongoing promo they had for the month that would free me from the booking fee & what I had to do to join. The vehicle itself had clean upholstery, neat flooring, & a pleasantly fresh smell.

I sure hope this experience wasn't a fluke because I intend to use the app again. It's such a convenience for moms like me who always has a toddler tagging along when commuting is the only option. You can download the app on your Apple, Android & Windows devices. Note that there's also a GrabCar option, but I still have yet to find out about the details of this feature so I can't vouch for its effectivity - if you know how it works or have tried it, please do share :)

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