Joining The Club On Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I don't think any woman is ever completely prepared for motherhood. I for one, never gave a thought to handling another person's poop, booger, or vomit - and in a nonchalant manner, at that - & still be able to stomach a meal right after. Your time never seems to be truly yours, and your "shift" goes on until the wee hours of the morning; even Goodah would cower in shame at the 25-hour operations they boast, 'cause your tindahan stays open for much much longer than that. There's constant whining, rearranging the furnitures, varying liquids spilled, morsels of munchies thrown about, "mommy" this, & "daddy" that. But you know what I wasn't prepared for most of all?

The heartwarming effect of a spontaneous hug from my little one. Him, tugging on the hem of my shorts so I can stoop down for him to snuggle. That smile I get each morning to find him quietly gazing at my face, waiting for me to wake up (he actually claps when it's Daddy he finds beside him on weekend mornings). The squeal he makes when we "gobble up" his ears or tummy. The delight on his face when he learns to shoot hoops on his own or take a few steps wearing Daddy's shoes. These are all but a fraction of the unrivaled moments of euphoria that make me grateful we're parents, that makes me thankful I'm Joaquin's mommy.
I'm pretty sure my own mom feels similarly ecstatic (because I'm one of her kids, of course! *wink*). This mothers' day, we honor all the moms, nanays, mamas, imas, ermats & mommies for rearing us, raising us, loving us wholeheartedly & unconditionally, & just giving thanks for all they have done - so thanks, Mom. It doesn't begin to cover my gratitude, but you already know the heart of that message, & how I admire that you're doing it all on your own.

As a mom myself though, I also want to dedicate some thanks to Joaquin, for teaching me how to be really selfless, really patient, & really strong, & for making me realize how much love I'm really capable of. And while there's a separate day for dads, my husband deserves a thanks, too, for helping me keep at being a good mom, because he has been brought up by an amazing mother himself.

To all the other moms, no matter the circumstances you've faced for your children, kudos! This day is for you, but know that your kids need you, love you, & cherish you just as much on any other given day. :)

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