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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

In relation to my previous post, I've come across the following brands of cold-pressed, raw, all-natural vegetable & fruit juices that are distributed locally. They all promote the detoxification effects of their products, though again, I'm not in it for any cleansing but for nutritional supplementing. There's a myriad of choices out in the local market aside from these, but I've chosen to try these based on my personal criteria:

1) Content - given that all of these are cold-pressed & use fresh produce, I wanted to find drinks that contain veggies or fruits that I would not normally be able to consume or even have easy access to in groceries. I look at the actual ingredients that a particular blend has. For instance, because I'm still nursing Joaquin, a mixture that includes moringa or malunggay is a good thing, add that to greens I practically loathe (don't tell Joaquin. LOL) like broccoli, kale, or spinach, & that nutrient-dense drink would be a top option. If it only contains typical stuff like apple, oranges or coconut water, then it's out of the list.

2) Delivery - because a lot of these brands don't have a physical shop that I can easily go to anytime, I love that most of them offer delivery services. However, the difference lies in the areas they cover, and delivery charges. There were some brands I looked at that were very affordable, but seemed unreasonable when it came to shipping fees, or did not deliver door-to-door but had pick up points instead.

3) Payment methods - I had a preference for cash on delivery or PayPal options, since I can't leave the house that often to make deposits through the bank because I'd have to tag my little man along, & there aren't any major banks within the immediate vicinity of our home. While I request my hubby to make the payments for me from time to time, I make it a last resort as he also has to find free time during his work hours to visit the bank.

4) Relative Affordability - I think pricing is a relative matter as it depends on the size of the bottles/servings, what comes with the package if it is sold as a kit, & consumption period. Some may seem very expensive, but when you compare the serving sizes, it's actually quite reasonable. Also, some might come off cheap, but only last for 24 hous so you'll have to make more purchases if you want to keep a stock. Granted of course, there are just some that are way too pricey, it almost feels as if you'll only be paying for the brand name itself.

Nourish Juice

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Nourish juice is one of the most affordable juices I've tried. They offer two bottle sizes (250ml & 350ml), the smaller is P125 while the bigger size is P185, and they deliver for a minimum of 6 bottles. You'll have to text in your order 2 business days ahead of your intended detox date, and payment can be made via BPI or BDO.

They have 4 flavors to choose from, two of which were majorly greens and those are what I asked for in my first order since I barely consumed any of the veggies included in the mix.

Green Gusto: Pineapple, grape, celery, romaine lettuce
Glowing Green: Cucumber, malunggay, ginger, spinach, apple, lemon
Revitalizing Red: Beet, apple, carrot, ginger
Opulent Orange: Orange, sweet potato, carrot

What I like most about this brand is that the ikee veggie taste is well-masked by the fruity flavors, so it's almost effortless to drink the juices for someone like me. The juices are all supposedly good for 3 days max.

Detoxify Bar

We have been passing by their shop ever since it opened in Eastwood City since we frequent the area on weekends. It wasn't until last month though when I braved trying one of their drinks. Looking at the contents, I couldn't bring myself to try them all at once, but after I did, it wasn't as horrible as I expected.

They also have just a few flavors, which honestly aren't all a blast to chug. I liked everything and successfully managed to keep them down, but I liked the Lemon Detox least - the after taste of the cayenne pepper in there was just really off for me. I like that all the drinks feel really filling, so it seems that the serving size is perfect & it's packed with a good variety of raw produce all in one bottle.

I addition, I also love that their delivery service is so easy, since all you have to do is call the day before you want your juices & they'll bring it to your doorstep between 6pm-10pm the following day. My favorite part? You pay upon delivery!

Admittedly though, this is one of the pricier brands I found. You can purchase single bottles from their shop at P220 each, but for the delivery you have to purchase a minimum amount equivalent to the one-day kit, which is P1,350. The kit includes 5 bottles, 2 organic teas, and a thermo bag. Another downside is, you have to consume the juices within 24 hours (though I found it's still good within 48, refrigerated) as that's the maximum duration that they stand by their products freshness, claiming it's because they don't use any form of preservatives. So personally, if you're on a tight budget but won't be going on a cleanse anyway, this might be a bit harsh on your purse at more than P1k for just a day.

Juice Jab

photo from Juice Jab's website
The most recent juices that I tried were from Juice Jab, which is also comparatively affordable at just P160 per 250ml bottle, and P260 for the 500ml ones. Jabs refer to the detox packages they offer that vary in intensities (mild, moderate, strong), according to the number of meals you will have to replace with juices within 3 consecutive days. They have what they call Jolts, which are packages meant to supplement regular meals, but more of target specific functions of the body like the immune system, skin, or energy production among others. You can also order single jabs - individual bottles - & choose the flavors from their menu available on their website.
They accept PayPal as a mode of payment, so that makes it easy breezy & that earns them extra points for me. The order & delivery process is also very simple - just fill out the order form found in their website 2 days before you intend to receive your juices, they'll send a confirmation email & your invoice, then once you settle your dues you're done & all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered. 

On that note, it might be quite a disadvantage if you're delivery address is outside the locations they currently cover. In that case, you'll either have claim your order in the nearest designated pick up point, or be charged extra shipping fee. :( All of the pricing & delivery charges can also be seen in their website for reference.

I have yet to try the bigger sized bottles of Juice Jab since I find that the small ones I had initially ordered weren't sufficient to be considered a full serving of veggies or fruits. Taste-wise though, they're similar to Nourish Juice with the fruits masking most of the flavors in there.

There are still so many brands out there that you may want to try. Just check the reviews, feedbacks, and the details that the brand owners readily offer. I'm thinking that when I've weaned Joaquin later on, I can go & try detoxing at least every few months. In the meantime, we'll see how my progress with the greens go. *wink*

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