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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last year, among the freebies we got when we signed up for a membership in Gymboree, was a free portrait session with The Picture Company. I for one, was of course giddy with excitement for another chance to get my boys in front of a camera & have professional shots taken. Hubby on the other hand, as expected, wasn't too enthusiastic about posing & being directed by a total stranger, haha! We did end up unexpectedly having fun, and needless to say, lots of amazing photos to boot!

my favorite photo of the men of my life!

I chose to book a session with their SM North Edsa (Annex) branch since that's the closest to our house. The person who attended to my call (sadly, I forgot her name :( ) double checked if my chosen time slot would work well with the baby's daily routine - a.k.a. usual nap time - and I appreciated the fact that they wanted to ensure things were going to be easy for Joaquin. I was also told to bring his favorite toy, an item that can comfort him just in case the grumpy monster decided to join us for the photo shoot - again, another indication for me that they had some concern for Joaquin being at ease. 

We came in around 5 minutes before our schedule, which I thought was perfect so Joaquin could settle in gradually, get the hang of being in the studio and even tinker a bit with some of the props. Our photographer, Phoebe, immediately sprang into hyper-kulit mode with all the animated sounds and faces she was making to get Joaquin to look and smile at the camera, and this is what I think helped the kiddo have fun the most. Granted it still took some prodding because he was easily distracted and began getting bored on some occasions, but Phoebe was really very patient and her high energy never waned throughout the half hour picture-taking.

I was very pleased that there were plenty of beautiful shots & Joaquin was smiling very nicely in all of them! The only down part was, ordering more prints, even digital copies, were pretty expensive. The freebie voucher we had was originally only for the session and a free 4x6 print out. But because of all the beautiful takes I didn't want to miss out, especially since we rarely have photos with all 3 of us in it, I went ahead and ordered the 3 shots showed here even if the additional fees were quite pricey. Merely seizing the moment, folks! ;)

If I had the budget for it, I'd definitely choose The Picture Company again! You can inquire about their contact details, rates & packages via their website.

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