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Project Mom: The Perfect 1st Year Manual

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kicked off the year with a new reading list, with the recently launched Project Mom on top.

If motherhood had a handbook, this would probably be it. I love it all the more because they have made it relevant to Filipino moms, in particular. All I could think of even before I reached halfway through the book was "I wish they had this published before I had Joaquin."  Else, I'd have known about the practicality of not investing too much in one specific brand of baby bottles or teats because babies will have varying preferences; or that just a very few newborn clothing would do (bought waaaay too much bonnets & mittens, apparently - & Joaquin barely used any if it past his 2nd week); or that there is nothing wrong with attachment parenting & it is very different from "spoiling your kids" - I was instinctively drawn to this method but got more & more confused the more mom friends I talked to; or that breaking down is normal when all the exasperation gets the best of you, & it doesn't mean you're insane or an unsuitable parent; & a plethora of other trivia that could have aided in making better choices during those first confusing & panic-laden months of having a baby.

Co-authors & celebrity hands-on moms Amanda Griffin-Jacob & Bianca Araneta-Elizalde couldn't
have been more right in saying that this may be the only book you'll need to prepare & get through your child's first year. It really is packed with handy info you can refer to about taking care of yourself & your baby during pregnancy, nursing, feeding their first solids, traveling, shopping essentials and looking after a happy & healthier you in the midst of all of it - and they really are very practical knowledge, indeed.

I also appreciate that at the end if each chapter, whether it's about feeding or traveling with the little ones, they provide a list of where you may purchase whatever items they mentioned thereof. Keep in mind though, that these are only suggestions & you can still be a bit more creative in finding more budget-friendly alternatives if you're an average-earner who would still like to adhere to their green & organic principles.

If anything, I wish they extended the coverage of the book up until the toddler years, where it seems like some of the real work begin! It would've been cooler if they shared their experiences & principles on wrestling wits while teaching independence, disciplining, & learning methods they apply to their own tots, too.

I'm trying to finish the last chapter now - operative word: trying, along with all the multi-tasks on my daily list - which ironically talks about finding time in different ways to cool down, recharge, and pamper yourself to be better at facing everyday momhood. Once I'm done with that, maybe I can pick up better & realistic ideas to keep stay more stress-free & armed with useful know-how in maneuvering through the coming months. :)

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