Hopping on the Juicing Bandwagon

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mind you, I'm very rarely an instant fan of any fad. On fashion styles for instance, I consider first if it would suit my body type, my age, how often or in what occasions I'd be able to use that piece of clothing, & whether or not I'd still be able to mix it with something without looking idiotic after the fad has gone. On books or movies, I try to check synopsis & early reviews to guesstimate if it would be enjoyable enough before reserving that seat at the cinema. On food & dining, one major consideration of mine is always the menu obviously, as I'm not a huge veggie eater. In fact, I dislike them so much that I'd often go out of my way to make sure there's not a morsel of leaf in my burger, or pasta, or pizza, & my hubby knows that if he cooks any viand at home with any vegetable, he'd end up eating those solo & I'd almost monopolize the meat instead.

So you can imagine how difficult it would be for me to down a concoction of various raw veggies in one sitting. But ever since we had talked at the beginning of the year about committing to a lifestyle change in terms of health, I had considered how to gradually get the right kind of stuff into my body as a start. Last year, I had begun a workout routine at home with simple equipment such  as free weights, & I have only become more diligent at it this year. However, I know that exercising eventually won't be enough, as it's a combination of this & good eating habits that always does the job. So, I felt that the next logical step is to get natural greens into my system & slowly eliminate the junk. Hence, I introduced myself to veggie juices.

You can ask, why does it have to be juices & why don't I just chow down the stuff instead? This is a matter of personal experience & opinion - it's just easier to gulp all of it down & get it over with! The equivalent of each serving of juice I chug down would be more than a plate of whatever raw veggies are blended in there & honestly, having to chew the solid versions with all their sap squeezing into my mouth is something I simply detest for now (ick!). That's one of the good things about juicing - consuming all those raw stuff at once which you might otherwise have to eat in several meals. Also, being in liquid form, all the nutrients get absorbed into the body more easily.

Since I'm still breastfeeding our 16-month old (& nowhere near weaning, it seems), I'm obviously not trying to lose any weight as any calorie-restrictive diet would be bad for my milk supply, & neither am I overweight anyway. I am however, drinking these juices on top of my whole food meals for added nutritional value. Juicing is also typically used for cleansing the body or detoxifying, but again, this is discouraged for pregnant or nursing moms since the toxins released into the body's circulation (supposedly for elimination) may end up in our breast milk.

I'm currently in the process of finding which brand suits my needs, & there are really so many available locally. I've only tried 2 brands so far, whose reviews I will put up really soon. Ultimately, I hope my palate gets acquainted enough with all the plant-y, earthy, soil-y tastes so I'd be comfortable enough to chow them oh-so yummy (reverse psych. Tee-hee!) vegetables on a daily basis for a road to a healthier me. 

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