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Saturday, September 07, 2013

I cannot be any more excited to have discovered Annabel Karmel's Essential Guide to Feeding Your Baby and Toddler. Being a first time mom, I admittedly have just barely enough knowledge of the best solid foods that can be fed to babies - like how dairy products should be held off until 1 year of age, or that baby food has to be rich in iron because their reserves go down as they age, or that they need healthy fats & calories to sustain their energy & support their bodies' development. These basics are all I've depended on for the first few months that Joaquin started on solid food. However, up to a certain point, the menu I came up with became very limited and we had learned from his pedia that even babies could get fatigued from eating the same things over & over - which partially explained a decline in his appetite for baby food.

Initially, we tried making our own baby food by pureeing basic fresh veggies & fruits. Then we added baby rice cereals (Plums from Healthy Options, then Cerelac) to cover some vitamins & minerals we might've been missing out on, mixed with broth. We started with a variety of organic, low sodium broths available in local supermarkets so he'd have a go at different tastes - chicken, potato & leek, squash & mushroom broths were among the ones we used. Joaquin continued to mainly breastfeed, but we wanted to start introducing textures & tastes from some nutritious table food, too.

This is why I was delighted to find this iPhone app that had a huuuuge range of very simple yet yummy baby food that can be done at home as easy as 1-2-3! The dishes are classified by baby's age range, depending on their general ability to swallow, chew & digest certain foods at each stage. Surprisingly, majority of the recipes use very typical & highly accessible ingredients such as common fruits, vegetables, and meat (for older babies).

Recipes classified according to age range
I think what I find just as pleasing as the content of the app, is the very user-friendly interface that it has. You can click on a recipe, find a quick summary of it where you can choose to mark it as a favorite or add it to a planner - a weekly view of the food you choose for baby's breakfast, lunch & dinner; go through the ingredients which can easily be added to a shopping cart - an instant list of what ingredients you should get on your next grocery trip; and the step-by-step procedure for preparing or cooking the meal.

Seriously, my first thought upon using & exploring it was: wow, they thought of everything! Not only will this allow baby to experience an assortment of flavors & textures that'll make eating more exciting, but it also helps you get ideas on how you can be creative with baby food on your own. So no more icky, redundant rice cereal, lugaw, or bland mashed gunk - just actual delicious food that's nutritious but inexpensive.

your choice of recipe instantly added
to your planner!

easily add ingredients to a shopping list
The app is available for iPhone users from the App Store for approximately P200+ (personally, it's like buying a quick recipe book from your favorite bookstore). Annabel Karmel is a renowned author of books about nutrition & cooking for babies, kids, and families. You can check out her website here.

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