Cranky-pants Goes To My Baby Studio

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This entire month has been seemingly dedicated to preps for Joaquin's birthday upcoming celebration on the 28th. I've been on constant email alert & phone calls with suppliers, window shopping & actual splurging on materials, & DIY-ing what I can to spice up the party - my dear hubby has proven yet again what a heaven-sent angel he is by taking care of bank errands + driving me around wherever without a single complaint (at least none that I've heard. Hehe) Everything's almost finalized & I just have to put up with all my personal excitement for the next few days, and I can blog more!

We were lucky enough to have been able to squeeze into our schedule a photo shoot in time for our little big boy's 1st year. A couple of months back, we purchased a discount voucher from Groupon for a 1 hour photo shoot with unlimited shots, 8 edited soft copies & 8 edited prints for just P1,575.00. at My Baby Studio along Shaw Blvd. I was able to reserve him a slot just last weekend & it was a very different experience from his first studio photo op.
In hindsight, I knew that Joaquin probably wasn't going to be too cooperative mainly because we had woken him up from an incomplete nap. I had hoped that the time slot I chose would be perfect because it's normally the time he wakes up from his morning siesta. But as I learned by now, nothing ever goes exactly the way you plan when you have a toddler involved. He fell asleep later than usual, didn't get enough sleep & was grumpy the moment we stepped out of the car to head up to the studio. So, Joaquin: 1 point, Mommy: 0.

the nap time that was utterly
ruined by mum
When we arrived, it wasn't as I expected - it was literally a studio-type space, with 1 side containing the area where photos were done, and the other side holding props, costumes, and play mats that I guess served as a waiting area, too. There was an ongoing photo shoot with a little girl older than Joaquin, that was nearly wrapped up, so I intended to use the waiting time to get Joaquin to ease into the place by letting him tinker around with some of the toys. He walked around a bit, but generally didn't want anything to do with the stuff around him & clung to me or his dad.

coaxing J to play while waiting
for his turn
clinging to dad for life
By the time it was his turn, I was on full jolly-giggly-eager-beaver mode to try & get him into a better mood. He warmed up a bit during the first 15 minutes or so, playing in front of the camera, even dishing out a few smiles. Afterwards though, it was just an all out struggle to keep him from throwing a fit. He was attracted to the light stands & insisted on walking towards those to touch them, so he got frustrated that I kept putting him back in the center. Joaquin: 2, Mommy: 0.

the first few happy minutes
I attempted to nurse him to calm things down, and that worked for at least 2 minutes. Haha! Then I had him put on a costume I brought supposedly for his birthday party, just to get at least 1 shot of him in it, and that annoyed him all the more because he hated beanies & was tugging everything away. By now, his face was already tear & uhog-stricken, it was almost too funny to watch. So we gave up & let him have his way. Joaquin: 3 points, Mommy: 1. Mommy loses.

attracted to the lights

the makings of a tantrum

bye-bye smiley baby! :(
The experience was obviously not as good as I wanted because of a case of bad mood. However, I did notice some things I didn't like too much about the place. First off, I thought the props & costumes they had weren't that clean. This one panda bear was already grey & black, & I saw lots of food crumbs in the picture-taking area because the kid before us was allowed to eat to keep her still for shots, which was fine if only they had cleaned it before our session followed. The photographer was pretty passive compared to other baby photographers we've encountered in the past, not attempting much to call on Joaquin's attention to face the camera, & I wish he would've been more lively or animated. I do acknowledge how much patience it takes to stand a fussy baby, and for that I kinda commend him because he didn't show any signs of exhaustion or irritation.

captured moment: the aftermath,
sans tumutulong sipon LOL
I think we got our money's worth in the end because we did find good quality shots from the raw soft copies they gave us, & I'm pretty pleased with those. However, I don't think we'd be coming back here for baby pictorials. 

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