Monthly Milestones: 11th Month

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just a month shy of his 1st birthday, Joaquin has grown physically, mentally & emotionally. Although he's with me practically 24/7, there are moments when I look at him & get struck by how much he's changed. Probably only moms & dads will get the exact gravity of this feeling, but it's intensely overwhelming!

exponentially more kulit!
Every time he steadies himself without help when standing up, I can't help but be excited for his developing independence. He has attempted to take a few steps to walk without holding on to anything, but there are still a few tumbles. I'm pretty proud at his perseverance & courage to keep trying, though, despite the occasional trips & bumps. I realize I've turned out to be a "sige-mom", not minding his curiosity & countless attempts to try do things, as long as there's no reason for him to get seriously injured or hurt. Personally, I feel that using "NO" sparingly & letting him explore his surroundings & discover his abilities will help him figure out his limitations & maximize his skills while encouraging him to learn. So as long as he's in a baby-proof & safe environment, I say "go"!

where's the baby??
Another major milestone accomplished this month is having his teeth finally cut through his gums. He's been pre-teething for more than a month now, but it's not until very recently that we could actually feel both his lower & upper teeth. His pedia's always assured us it's still well within the normal timeline for teething, but it is a bit late compared to the average kid his age. We've never been bothered or worried, though admittedly, it pleases us now because this gives us a chance to widen more the variety of food he can handle. I'm a little anxious about the probable biting, especially since I'm still breastfeeding, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

upper teeth seen cutting through the gums
For now, on to more party preps - 1st birthday bash, here we come!

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