Joaquin's first haircut!

Friday, August 30, 2013

My laptop has finally recovered from quite a stay at the service center, & I just got it back yesterday morning so I've been out of the loop for some time now. Nevertheless, I'm happy to be back blogging!

prepping for his locks to be snipped,
while daddy hovers :)
One of the things I was super excited to share (but failed to because my lappie went MIA on me) was about Joaquin's first salon experience. It's been on my to-do list for quite some time, to finally visit a barber & get rid of the hair that already reached his eyes & seemed to irritate him - I'd catch him scratching his earlobes & eyes vigorously, & supposed that he was getting irritated with the little hair tickling his face. I had to brush his bangs aside, but everybody else said he looked like baby Jose Rizal. LOL
We checked out Cuts for Tots in Eastwood where we frequented, & finally decided to inquire about prices. It wasn't as ridiculously overpriced as I expected, but I wouldn't say it's as cheap as your neighborhood barbershop either. I do feel that P330 to safely cut a wailing toddler's hair while he/she swished or flailed around is reasonable; you'd have to admit, there's some skill involved in trying to focus on a continuously moving target, seamlessly cut & style hair, AND not hack off an ear or 2 at the same time. So we went for it.

the earlier part, when the steering wheel
and Mickey Mouse was enough
Joaquin was immediate at ease and his attention was taken easily by the kiddie seat, which was a car (he has a thing for steering wheels), & his favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse started to play on screen. Somewhere along the way, that attention span began to waver & I was pleased that manong barber had a ready reinforcement of toys - bubbles, rattles, drums. If his Boy Scout ways coupled with his patience, politeness, & the actual result we got, were all part of the shop's training, then kudos! The price we paid was worth it. Below is a clip where he started to get bored with just the car seat.

You also have an option to order a token if you're sentimental like me, which is a printed certificate with your baby's before & after shots, plus a mini-clump of the locks cut. We paid an extra P150 for this & I was able to claim it 2 weeks after.

Joaquin's certificate with before (left), and after (right)
shots + lock of hair
The branch we went to was super clean, and I noticed that they sanitized the seats after every use, as well as frequently swept fallen hair on the floor, so I didn't doubt it was hygienic enough for Joaquin. Cuts for Tots also offers haircut services for older kids & adults. You can check out their website by clicking here for additional info like shop branches, other products & services, and contact details.

Eastwood Mall branch, 3/F

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