Monthly Milestones: 10th Month

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the newly-discovered whiny face
This month is all about personality. Joaquin has learned to express preferences with a variety of
emotions - grunting, giggling, grinning, wailing & squealing when he wants or dislikes anything. Though he's always been very social, usually easily warming up to strangers, he's begun to discriminate and exhibit some degree of shyness now even towards people he's seen before. For instance, when we visit his grandparents whom he sees only at least twice or thrice a month, it takes a while for him to get comfortable & begin socializing with them, snuggling up to me or to his dad at first. He babbles "mama" & "papa" now, though their still used indiscriminately most times; and "baba" has become associated with waving his hand goodbye.

the "I don't know you" face

In terms of motor development, he's gotten more steady in balancing while standing up, albeit more daring. I have to nag myself continuously to quit procrastinating & finally get around baby-proofing rooms in the house since he started exploring around areas outside his play space. He's attempted to take steps on his own, and I'm always on the edge of my seat trying hard not to hover & let him figure it out by himself. It's a feat that I've recently acquired - not hovering & being more of a "sige-mom" - & it does feel good not to be chewing on my nails all the time. I try to give him as much independence as he needs to discover things, as long as I know for a fact that his surroundings are safe.

under the table - a new favorite hideout
(excuse the nudity, 'twas a very hot afternoon)
Below is a short video clip on Joaquin snooping outside the confines of his playpen:

Still waiting for his pearly whites to erupt, though it absolutely hasn't gotten in the way of eating solids - pastries, cookies, soft cooked meat, pasta, & even the occasional French fries have all found their way to this baby's happy belly. For a short while I had a struggle with a decline in his appetite, but as with anything to do with dealing with Joaquin, patience proved to be a virtue. His pedia mentioned it's a bit late for his teeth to come out compared to the average age babies usually get them, but we've been assured it's still perfectly well within the normal range.

Just a few months shy of Joaquin turning 1 year old & I'm hit with constant realization that it's almost going to be a year that we've been parents...surreal!

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