Monthly Milestones: 9th month

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Joaquin has gone all out and amped up the energy level this month. Crawling, standing, stumbling, flipping,'s exhausting just talking about it, but I'm much much happy that his boundless energy just means he's growing healthy.

an energizer bunny peek-a-boo-ing at 7am!
You'd think that with his improving mobility, he'd be more independent for an increased period of time, too. On the contrary, he's actually become so much more clingy that it get's so frustrating sometimes because I feel I've no time for absolutely anything else at all, and I've had a few mommy meltdowns over the exhaustion it entails - but that's for an entirely separate entry. :)

Aside from all the physical progress we've seen in him, he's also become so much more expressive. Though there are no signs yet of any speech development, he does converse with babbles, grunts & groans, making it clear when something or someone pleases him or otherwise. It's entertaining & amusing, I tell 'ya. Here's an InstaVid of him monologue-ing over a simple hairbrush (for some reason, YouTube didn't capture the entire vid screen, but you can check instagram for a clearer version - view here):

Since he acquired expertise on pulling himself up to a standing position, he's also recently been attempting to balance, momentarily letting go of any support. Of course I applaud his bravery, but it sure makes my heart skip a beat every now and then. With this kind of hyperactivity that gives us a glimpse of the upcoming moths, I should say I probably should get used to my heart going skippity-hoppity more often, huh?

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