Sophie the Giraffe

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I received Joaquin's own Sophie the Giraffe, the world-famous teether, from a few weeks ago just in time for Mother's Day. I wasn't too familiar with it since we never really went shopping for teethers because Joaquin received lots of these as gifts anyway, so I had to Google to check what the hype is about.

The 7-inch (height) rubber teether was developed in France and has been in distribution for decades now. Apparently, it's become the best selling teether worldwide. For a while it became Joaquin's favorite chew toy, though it was quite short-lived (thankfully, it was a gift because I'd have only been disappointed if I had to pay that much) -- for some reason, Sophie's appeal to him didn't last for long.

Overall, I think it's a durable, safe and good option for a teether, though I still feel it's too pricey for its purpose and you can probably find cheaper alternatives that'll do the job as well. 

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