Monthly Milestones: 8th Month

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Everything Joaquin does now has become entertaining. He clearly has a better eye for details, with almost every single new object catching his attention. Even things that've always been in a room he's been to before, now makes him stare for a bit as if they're all amazing. His played up curiosity now also makes him not just put stuff in his mouth automatically, but he actually studies them by bringing them closely to his face, as if to study them; goes over the texture repeatedly with his hands and feet; or even shakes them or bangs them before looking at the objects again. He has also begun noticing his shadow and it can sure fascinate him for a good 15 mins.

inspecting a piece of biscuit before and after he tastes it
Moreover, he has learned to already read emotions. He can sense if we're pretending to be annoyed and just playing around, he shrieks if we're happy and in a playful mood, and he cries when we're genuinely angry (not necessarily at him) or just in a bad mood.

tampo after hearing me raise my voice
In addition to this, he started pulling himself up to a standing position some time late last month, and more so this month. I wake up some mornings and find him standing beside me holding onto our window, just watching trees outside (our window is situated at the head of our bed)! Now, even if there's nothing to hold on to, he continually attempts to stand up and balance on his feet.

pardon the shirtless shot, the heat's unbearable
even with the a/c on full blast!
I'm sensing we should start stocking up on tons of energy for the nonstop moving around of our little active curious cow in the coming month...

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