Shangri-La Mall's Nursing Station

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My malling experience as a nursing mom gets better and better as I keep on finding new breastfeeding-friendly establishments across the metro. This week's discovery: Shangri-La's nursing room inside Rustan's.

panoramic view of the room upon entering

This has to be the cutest breastfeeding area I've seen so far. It feels like you're actually in your baby's nursery, rather than some hole-in-the-wall nook. As you can see from the above photo, the area is nicely lit, with clean carpeting and seating. I was the only one there at the time I used it, so I was able to take lots of pics after Joaquin dozed off:

the sign as seen from the outside

frosted sliding door for privacy

two of the four comfy armchairs in the room
the diaper changing table
a high chair you can use to place your tot in
while you pump
a small table where you can find free baby products for use
(ex: hand sanitizer) and catalogs of other baby products
you can find in Rustan's

I like that this is spacious enough for several moms to be in at the same time, compared to the other nursing rooms I've used before. Although personally, I think if you have other people with you like a nanny, grandparents or older kids, it would be nice to extend the courtesy of not having all of them stay in the room while they wait for you to finish nursing. This way, they don't have to occupy seats meant for other moms, and you give consideration by maintaining the peace and order while other babies feed.

Good job, Shang!

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