Monthly Milestones: 7th Month

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The little bub finally learned to crawl this month! I swear, I must be getting sappier & sappier as a mom because milestones like these make my tears well up in the way they remind me how quickly Joaquin is growing up; but they're definitely mostly tears of joy, though!

the joys of crawling has been discovered!
While he still has yet to perfect the coordination of his arms and legs when crawling (cross-crawling: moving one arm and the opposite leg when moving forward), Joaquin has gotten the point of moving forward to get around a certain area, like the bed or his playpen. Here's one of the videos of his first few attempts to get on all fours:

A lot has also been added to the myriad of food he's gotten accustomed to this month - spinach, peas, pear, apricot & carrots. We've also noticed that he's shown some active interest in food -- attempting to grab from our plates, reaching for our glasses or bottles when we drink, gripping his spoon as he's fed -- so we've allowed him to start getting familiar with finger food.

the teething biscuits we got from Healthy Options

According to, introducing finger food to baby not only helps him or her associate eating with fun, but more importantly helps develop finer motor skills like coordination which includes getting the food from the hand to the mouth; and picking up pieces of food with just the forefinger and the thumb -- what is known as the pincer grasp -- instead of just raking them towards him/her. This also teaches your munchkin to start being independent in feeding himself at the dining table.

enjoying eating with the fam bam!
These days, Joaquin has become more included in our mealtime at home since we just place him in his high chair and scatter some pieces of breadstick or teething crackers in front of him and let him munch away. There are lots of teething biscuits available out there - we got a box of organic vanilla-flavored ones from Healthy Options to sample it out, and so far he loves it. I just let him get messy for a bit (and it takes a lot of will power not to be OC) as this has become a good way to keep him busy, too to give us more time to eat. If you think your baby might be ready to try out finger food as well, check with your pedia & get ready for the (fun) mess!


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