DIY House Repainting (Part 1)

Monday, April 08, 2013

weekend warriors: hubby with his perfect coat of paint (left)
and a struggling me (right)
It's been quite a while since my last blog entry, and I have no other excuse but the repainting of our house indoors that we finally started since Holy Week. We figured that even though we won't be living in this apartment forever, we'll be staying a good number of years while we save up for that "dream house", so might as well be pleased to call this our home for now, right?

We initially asked my mom, who's a civil engineer currently running her own construction business, if
she could lend is a few painters to work on all walls and ceilings of the whole house, thinking we'd save up. But even with a discount, it still came up a bit pricey & we wanted to be able to control timelines. So, my husband ended up channeling his inner handyman and decided to do it himself. I'll admit to going all Doubting Thomas on him, because I knew he avoided manual labor as much as he could. But I ended up being super impressed! A total of around 12 hours stretched across Holy Thursday until Black Saturday, plus an entire mat of Alaxan pain killers, and whole lot of blood and sweat (LMAO!!!), and he finished all walls of the 1st and 2nd floor. Let me just mention though, before anyone judges me, that I managed to help with at least 10% of the work. So NO, I am not a slave-driving wife. Hahaha!
the partially finished wall of
the living room

We had colored the 1st floor a shade of brown, and the second floor a bluish hue. My husband teases me that he feels as if he's in Starbucks when he's downstairs because of the wall color, so I tease him back by saying I'm actually having the signage put up by the window in commemoration of our landian days, tee-hee! Seriously though, I had chosen the brown shade for the walls because it's a skip & a hop from the regular white or beige walls I see in apartments; it's easy to combine with so many other colors for a pleasing palette; and it gives off a homey & cozy vibe to me-so yea, kinda like a coffee shop I guess. The upstairs are colored blue because I find this particular shade both calming - perfect for R & R in the bedroom, and playful if combined with fun color accents - perfect for the playroom/nursery, which we use our 2nd room for.

Anyway, we have yet to work on the cabinets, doors, stairwell, and bedroom closets, though I'm appointing my li'l brother for that to get him moving while he's on summer vacation. If you have the money to go for professional services for this kind of work, I say go for it! You'll be sure you'll have less exhaustion and that the job will be done right. But, if you don't mind sweating it, you can use this as an opportunity to bond, have fun, and get that deeper sense of connection & appreciation with your home.

You can start out by getting ideas of the look and feel that you want for a room, like some of the pegs I have below:
my pegs for the first floor

my peg for the master's bedroom

Or you can also check out color palettes that appeal to you to see combinations that you think will work in your place, like this one I have for the playroom/guestroom:

check out 
for ready-made palettes

All the materials you'll need are:

1) Paint brushes & paint rollers - I suggest NOT to go cheap on this. Last year, we ended up having difficulty painting just our room because the rollers broke and we had to put double the effort into holding them together AND painting. Too much of a hassle, I tell 'ya.

2) masking tape - Use this to cover borders of the walls you don't want to get any paint on or would be using a different color on, like cabinets or windowsills.

3) scratch paper or newspaper - avoid getting any paint on the floor to minimize the cleanup after you're done, by covering your floors with these

4) your choice of paint - you can easily go to a hardware shop and choose from the color swatches for a shade that you like and they'll mix it for you if they don't already have it ready on hand. Ask about which kind of finish (matte, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss) works best for the part of the house you're working on; they can give great suggestions
depending on the kind of surface you're painting on, the lighting you have, etc. You can also get good information on which ones dry the quickest, which ones are easiest to apply or which stays on longer.

Stay posted for the project's 2nd part!

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