An Ounce of Prevention from Cervical Cancer

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Done with my final shot!
I got my third and final shot of vaccine against cervical cancer today and I have that mini sigh of relief that that's over and done with. I'm telling you, I have never been as paranoid about getting sick from anything & everything since I donned my mommy hat. One of my worst fears is that I or anyone from my family would fall that it hinders from living our lives to the fullest.

So naturally, almost as soon as I gave birth I had immediately put some of my savings to good use by having my OB from St. Luke's Medical Center explain all the vaccines I can now avail, and that included anti-cervical cancer shots.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cervical cancer has become the second leading cause of women's death in the Philippines (next to breast cancer) for those with ages between 15-44. An average of 12 women die everyday in our country because of this, and this is a sad fact considering that the disease is highly preventable. This cancer is caused by a kind of human papilloma virus (HPV), the same kind of virus that may cause other cancers of the reproductive system such as ovarian or vulvar cancer, as well as genital warts.

The vaccine is administered in three shots, and you may consult your physician on specific brands they can offer. Some can include a vaccine against a strain of warts, or some can be given either after 3 or 5 years, etc. If you have the budget, I say go for it and don't hesitate. You have nothing to lose and it would probably be very much worth to get that ounce of prevention rather than fumbling through the pound of cure just to spend more healthy days with your loved ones.



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