The Sofitel Experience

Saturday, March 09, 2013

We had an impromptu staycation at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza this week as a result of piggybacking on dear hubby's company conference. Of course I didn't want to be left alone in our apartment overnight, so since the offer was do graciously made available (tee-hee), I instantly took it! You can never go wrong with 5-star accommodation, and I've finally experienced for myself the reason why they deserve that calibre.

I've only stayed at the EDSA Shangri-La in the past, so that's only as much as my 5-star experience goes, locally. I'm thrilled that I'm sharing my first full-time stay at the Sofitel with Joaquin. Because Flynn had to attend his company thing as client participation was required, Joaquin and I were left to ourselves for almost the entire duration of our stay. First A+ is awarded to their customer service. It was such a delight that everyone -- from the security folks, to the front desk officers, to the concierge, to the chambermaids & bellhop -- we're all so courteous, cheerful, and accommodating, even if you didn't personally require their services at a given point.

top left: mango cheesecake; bottom left: fish & chips with tartar sauce & coleslaw;
center: french toast; top right: chicken fingers; bottom right: dark chocolate cake

Next award goes to food. I had to order in room service for breakfast & lunch, & each meal didn't disappoint. It's quite pricey, but I think it goes without saying since you're also paying for the convenience of having your meal brought to you, & served as if you had a personal waiter. I particularly liked that the serving sizes didn't look like they were meant for a 5-year old, but was rather hearty instead. What did I especially like?The desserts! Mango cheesecake & the dark chocolate cake - both specialties of the chef.

My final high-five is for the amazing pool. The popular lagoon-shaped swimming pool has been much talked about as a highlight of the hotel, & Joaquin and I did have a good time indeed. We went for a dip around 3:30 in the afternoon, so the sun was pleasantly warm enough for the li'l man to dunk. This was his first time in a real pool, so I had to take time and dip him little by little to get him acclimated with the water's temperature. I hugged him close to me at first while we got wet waist-high, then I held him out at arms' length so he could paddle his feet while he semi-floated. The cutie was splashing about in no-time! Just a while after we got out of the water to dry off, he drifted to a nap from the cool breeze & being instantly refreshed. I got to observe the area more while baby boy dozed off, and took note how noteworthy it was that there were lifeguards on duty, safety equipment in standby, sufficient seating for guests going for a swim, and a generally clean area. So family friendly!

napping after his first swim
lifeguard on duty
In addition, they also have a wading pool for toddlers, a mini-playground, and Gymboree - so the little ones would have no reason to be left out from all the fun when the entire family checks in.

I'm a little bit bummed we didn't get to try the highly acclaimed buffet at Spiral, but I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I wanted to anyway since I had a baby in tow, & we all know how that takes out 'taking your time' from the equation of meals. That's definitely something to look forward to though on our next visit, which will for sure, be pencilled into my calendar this year!

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