Shooing the Sniffles Away

Monday, March 18, 2013

I cannot be anymore thankful to have flu week over at our home. After experiencing having a baby with terrible colds, I can't help but think that I'd be willing to do anything I can so Joaquin would never, and I mean never have that kind of hard time getting sick ever again. It doesn't help that he got it from me to begin with, though.

Yes, I'm the culprit.

I got hives from I-don't-know-what and next thing I knew, I had a slight fever & could hardly breathe from really clogged nose, sneezing non-stop. I had no choice anyway even if I wanted to keep my distance from Joaquin to avoid passing on the bug, since I was the only one physically taking care of him 90% of the time, plus I was breastfeeding him, too. So within just a few days, he had runny nose & was developing a fever as well.

The hardest thing about him being sick, apart from seeing him so uncomfortable that he couldn't eat properly or sleep straight, is knowing he couldn't express exactly how bad he was feeling. I had no idea if he was suffering from congestion, a bad headache, joint pains, or all of the above. And it was so heartbreaking to see my baby boy that way.

When we took him to his pedia, she said ii should just continue to nurse him to pass on any antibodies I developed from whatever triggered my hives in the first place. She suggested using a saline nasal spray to help de-clog his nose. We were asked to get Stetimar, which is natural sea water with a container equipped with a baby-friendly nozzle. This, teamed up with Pigeon's nose cleaner, did the job and made things helluva lot easier indeed.

Pigeon's nose cleaner works by suctioning out any stubborn mucus inside baby's nose. It's safe because you control the pressure used by sipping into the straw-like part of it, and hygienic at the same time as the mucus doesn't actually go straight to your mouth but ends up in the tiny bottle attached instead. Baby can then breathe more easily!

The sea water nasal spray is available in leading drug stores, while I got my Pigeon nose cleaner from Baby Company. Both worthy investments for anyone with a baby, for sure.

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