Monthly Milestones: 6th Month

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Double trouble!
And just like that, it's already Joaquin's half-birthday! Suddenly, it feels like time just flew right by. Every time I look at his pictures, I see just how much he's grown & I can't help but be anxious for split seconds, thinking he will never be this much of my baby ever. More reason to take in each day & savor the moments, huh? Enough with the cheese, and on with the show!

Munchkin has finally gotten the hang of eating semi-solids. We've tried bananas, avocados, butternut squash and potatoes, but so far he seems to have a preference for the fruits rather than the veggies. It's NOT my fault, I swear! *defensive mode: engaged* LOL! Seriously, I don't thinking it's even the taste that he doesn't like, I think it's the texture. With the veggies we've tried so far, he ends up gagging and eventually throwing up everything he just ate. No worries, though. We'll definitely circle back up those. For now, we mix in a little of each new veggie to his oatmeal cereal, which we prefer rather than rice cereals since the latter has been found to have a tendency to cause constipation in really young babies. Here's a short clip of Joaquin having no qualms on his brunch:

Moving on, cue The Curious Cow! Everything in his surroundings intrigues him, so his long term focus on anything not Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars by Disney) has gone out the window. It's as if his peripheral vision has flipped into overdrive, that even the tiniest movement caught in the corner of his eye while he's semi-sleeping, catches his attention enough to snap him out of lala-land. One hobby lately is grabbing the spoon that's on its way into our mouth, or the glass that we're about to drink from. It's as if we have a saling kit-kit in the dining table, too.

trying to steal a gulp from daddy's drink
During this month's visit to the pedia, I also showed Joaquin's doctor how he can already hold himself upright unassisted when I put him in a sitting position & she was very proud. We're practicing & practicing now so he strengthens his back more to support the weight so he can sit up on his own and for a longer period. It's nice to see it hives him a new perspective on his surroundings--a definite step up from just seeing the ceiling of floor, right?

sitting up by himself
I know soon he's going to get mobile, and then the real fun will begin!

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