Monthly Milestones: 5th Month

Thursday, March 07, 2013

New skills this month! As excited as I was last month to get Joaquin to successfully flip on his own, is as how much I can't get him to lay still now. I can't even leave him in the middle of the bed anymore because he rolls over & over and reaches the edges in just a few minutes. It's amusing he even does it in his sleep!

He's also started teething, though nothing has broken through his gums yet.
He does however, get into sudden fits of hysterical cries, even in the middle of sleep, and bites (yea, not sucks) his fingers, fists, lower lip, my shoulder, and anything that's near or inside his mouth when the gummy itching starts. In the beginning, I had no idea how to help ease the pain, but chewing on tiny ice chips inside old clean socks seemed to help a lot. Now, Xylogel has been the good savior, as recommended by his doctor. I just give the cooling gel to him when he gets extremely fussy that it gets in the way of feeding. Otherwise, he settles for his refrigerated teether.
Xylogel (available OTC at leading drug stores)
and his refrigerated teether -- new BFFs!
biting on mini-ice chips

Additionally, he's become an expert on grabbing & pulling things near enough him to reach. I've begun letting him play with his baby spoon when he's on his high chair, too, in the hopes he won't develop any animosity towards it since we also started with semi-solids towards the end of this month.

anything near enough, he grabs.
anything he grabs, he tastes.
What I enjoy most now is that he's learned to really laugh, so we've gone up a notch from just grinning. It's a a joy to wake up to his good moods where he laughs at everything! Hope this puts a smile on you, too. :)

I can't wait -- 6th month, here we come!

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