E.R. Scare

Friday, March 01, 2013

Our brave little man's digit
after CBC
Totally zonked from our little trip to the E.R. late last night, after panicking from Joaquin's ear that just ballooned out of nowhere. Yes, we are the epitome of first-time, clueless, paranoia-stricken parents. It worked on our favor this time, though, as the dumbo ear was indeed caused by an allergic reaction to...*drum roll* sweet potato. Uhuh. As in kamote. Just when I was so full of glee that we got through Joaquin's first week of solid intro, he goes & turns out to be allergic to the first thing he eats.

swelling on his left ear beginning
to subside
The moment I noticed his abnormally large left ear, I called hubby's attention to make sure I wasn't just imagining it. It was so puffy & warm to the touch, but we couldn't make out any insect bites. Call it pessimism, but we really thought the worse - as in anaphylactic shock. So we headed straight to SLMC-QC & were thankfully well-attended to immediately. The doctor didn't find any bite marks either & ordered administration if antihistamine. After just a dosage, it cleared up almost completely.

It's quite funny that what stressed us out more wasn't our baby, but hearing & watching the kids around him in the pedia area of the E.R. who were wailing like crazy. Understandably though, they were in pain, sick, & scared of all the needle-pricking & general commotion going on around them. We just hope we don't get to experience that much grief ourselves anytime, as much as we can help it. While attempting to distract ourselves, one thing we observed amidst all the worrisome parents, was that all the kids were screaming for their mommy / mama / nanay, & none for daddy. It seems as though mommy = comfort, and true enough, as soon as the mother steps in, it instantly calms down a very scared little bub.

It was a relatively quick & pain-free E.R. visit compared to the others I've had in the past, I can't help but be thankful we didn't hesitate to listen to our instincts & sought out medical assistance the soonest. We confirmed what the matter was & had it treated ASAP, instead of guessing the diagnosis & self-medicating. An important reminder: NEVER think twice about getting medical help for anything, even if you think you'll look silly or embarrassed. When it comes to yours & your family's health, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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