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Friday, February 15, 2013

It's here! Finally received my maternity benefit through mail, day before last. I must say, having worked in Human Resources, I am definitely all for taking advantage of this government benefit. This refers to the daily cash allowance that the Philippine Social Security System grants to their qualifying female members for the days that they were unable to report for work due to giving birth or miscarriage , which is normally the standard 60-day maternity leave for NSDs or 78 days for c-section deliveries, for the first 4 deliveries or miscarriages they have. How do you exactly become a "qualifying" female member?

You become entitled to claim based on 2 conditions:
1) You have paid at least 3 months of contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of your delivery/miscarriage date

2) You have duly notified your employer (if employed) or any branch of SSS (if self-employed/voluntary/resigned) of your pregnancy.

How do you notify?

All you have to do to notify is submit a properly filled out Maternity Notification form (MAT-1) and attach proof of pregnancy-- usually a photocopy of an ultrasound report or sonography scan will suffice-- to your employer (if currently employed) or directly to SSS (if otherwise). These documents will be received by SSS and the stamped copy will be returned either to your employer or to you as proof that you have notified. This may be done the soonest you find out of your pregnancy/miscarriage; otherwise, you will need to submit an explanation letter to state your reason for delay in reporting, and late notification can be grounds for inability to claim.

When will you receive the benefit?

If you're employed, your employee is obligated to advance the amount and credit it to you within 30 days from when you file your maternity leave, or not later than 2 weeks before your estimated date of delivery. If you're a voluntary/self-employed/resigned employee, you receive it around a month after submitting complete documents once you've given birth.

What are the required documents to be submitted after delivery?

1) Maternity Benefit Claim form or MAT-2 (to be filled out by you)
2) A copy of your operating room procedures (provided by the hospital)
3) original copy of your newborn's birth certificate (requested from NSO or city civil registrar) or death certificate (in case of fetal death or stillbirth). It's very common for the NSO birth copy to not be available in a couple of months, in which case SSS also accepts the original copy of the birth certificate from the hospital as long as it has been registered with the municipal office with the valid signature of the City Civil Registrar.
4) a copy of your SSS ID or E-6 stub (proof you've already applied for an ID, if you don't have it issued to you yet) and a copy of 2 other valid IDs
5) MAT-1 form previously received by SSS (stamped by them) when you first notified of your pregnancy

If you've recently been separated from your employer at the time of claiming, you also need to submit:

- Certificate of Employment showing the end date of your tenure
- Certificate of Non-advancement, which just basically states that your employer has not paid you any maternity benefit yet.

I'd highly suggest preparing these additional documents required to be submitted with your MAT-2 BEFORE you give birth so you have less worries & hassles, & all you have to do is wait for baby's birth certificate to be available.
These will all be submitted to either your employer (so SSS can pay them whatever amount your employer paid you in advance) or directly to SSS (if unemployed or resigned, so SSS can start computing & processing the amount to be released directly to you).

For the computation of the amount of your maternity benefit, please check out https://www.sss.gov.ph/sss/index2.jsp?secid=53&cat=4&pg=null for a clear illustration of how they determine the amount.

You can download the forms here.

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  1. Hi im Jho Anne.Nagstart po aq mgtrbho last 2011-2012,tapus last Oct.21 to last Jan. Ngaun po nanganak po aq last july 09,2013 hndi po aq nkpgpasa ng MAT-1,mkakakuha p po ba q ng maternity benifits o matetnity loans?

  2. You should ask SSS personally to know if you are qualified to apply for one.



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