As Luck Would Have It

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The first week of the Chinese new year is rolling in and it's the year if the water snake! I used to think you ruled if it was your year based on the Chinese zodiac, but I recently learned from one of our Chinese friends that it's actually quite the opposite. Though I'm not a big believer in astro-elemental matters, I find it often interesting how there coincidentally seems to be some details that hit it off quite well with the character of someone I know, based on which animal his or her birth year falls under according to the Lunar calendar. So humor them, I do. :)

my water dragon tattoo after Joaquin's Chinese zodiac
In fact, one of the things I had checked out after Joaquin was born was his Zodiac sign based on the lunar calendar. He was born on the year of the Water Dragon - hence, my tattoo - which is said to be considered the most desirable as the Chinese believe that the dragon is a symbol of force & power, and apparently always followed by good fortune. Hubby, on the other hand, was born on the year of the snake. The belief is that those born under the snake's influence have a very charismatic characteristic although elusive, highly skilled in solving complex problems, & very good with handling money matters. Interestingly enough, I found them all true! So while I had that notion that this'll be sort of hubby's year, I got lectured by our chum during that brief conversation I mentioned earlier, where I found out that you actually tend to be the least luckiest if it was "your year". An interview featured in one of the local channels I came across confirmed that the logic behind it is that if it's your animal's year, a lot of the other Chinese zodiac animals are envious of your being "on the throne", that they try to break you. Bummer, huh.

my zodiac - the fire tiger
Another bummer -- one of the least compatible with the snake in terms of love relationships is one born on the year of the tiger. Like me. Chinese horoscope explains that while there is an initial attraction because of the tiger's magnetic personality & the snake's enigmatic charm, the former's innate independence is the worse match for the latter's possessiveness, & that they would be better off as business partners because of their combined skill with money handling & business intellect that will help them both grow in that aspect.

I guess whether or not there's definite truth to these beliefs - whether Joaquin is bound to trail good fortune (hooray!), or whether the partnership of our zodiac signs is bound to fail (yeah, right!) - we won't just chalk it up to these zodiac animals for sure! As my hubby always says, we make our own luck; and that's a lesson Joaquin will definitely be hearing from us.

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