Sinful Indulgence

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Anything with bacon is good! And Cupcake Conspiracy's yummy bacon line is THE BOMB. For Real. I received my package of the bacon goodies 2 days ago and had to resist putting it on everything. Haha! The treats included bacon jam, bacon parmesan cream cheese, and bacon butter. Sounds yummy, right? Get ready to read the word b-a-c-o-n a gazillion times in this post.

yummy pancakes with bacon butter
& bacon jam
The bacon jam is made of bacon chunks with in a light sweet syrup, something similar to that sauce of sweet ham. The bacon butter has a very subtle smoky taste with bacon bits and goes perfectly with pancakes. Being a cheese lover, Flynn immediately went for the bacon parmesan cream cheese which instantly earned an A+. I'll definitely be exploring more snacks to use these with and I actually got a few recipes in mind that'll hopefully be surprisingly delightful.

You can place an order by contacting Ana Lopez at 0917-536-2711 and visit their Facebook page here. Check it out while supplies last!

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